Springville Parks & Recreation

Online Facility Reservation

What can be reserved online?
There are certain facilities that can be reserved directly online. If you do not see your facility in the list below, you must contact Springville Parks & Recreation and reserve directly thru them.

  • #1 Jones - Splash Pad Pavilion
  • #2 Yellow Canvas - Splash Pad Pavilion
  • #3 Blue Canvas - Splash Pad Pavilion
  • #4 Martin/Hinds - Splash Pad Pavilion
  • #5 Beige Canvas - Big Springs Pavilion
  • #6 Cherry Red Canvas - Big Springs Pavilion
  • #7 Tucker Peoples - Big Springs Pavilion
  • Farmers Market
  • Sports Complex Storm Shelter
  • Stage Rental - Big Springs Park
  • VFW Event Center
Online Instructions
You must have an account to make online reservations. Once your account has been created, you may log in and reserve the facility. Click the button below to get started!